New Vs Used Car Parts In Auto Repair

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If your car is making weird noises or not functioning well, you may need to take it in for repairs. Some people attempt to do their own automotive repairs to get costs down. This practice should be avoided if you are not sure about what you are doing. Instead of doing the work alone, you can actually save money by having your mechanic install quality used parts into your vehicle. While this makes some people nervous, there are actually many parts of the car that work just fine with used parts. Instead of paying the full price for a repair, take a look at which parts you could purchase used. 

Before finding a car on the side of the road and picking out parts, make sure that you are going to a reputable used car parts dealer, or a quality parts salvage yard. Their parts will have been tested to make sure that they are a good enough quality to merit installing in your vehicle. 

Glass Parts

If you have a window or mirror that has been broken, you may want to check a local salvage yard for similar cars with the same size and shaped glass parts. Note: avoid any glass that looks chipped, cracked, or fragile. Instead, look for relatively newer cars that have had body damage, but whose glass parts are intact. They could save you quite a bit of money. 


Few repairs are more expensive or frustrating that a faulty transmission. Fortunately, cars that have been involved in accidents can yield completely usable transmissions, saving you anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 dollars. Paying under a thousand dollars for a used transmission is a great purchase. 


After years of starting your car, alternators wires can wear out, needing to be replaced. Buying used can buy you several more years of use, instead of needing to spend a chunk of change on a new one. 

Parts to Avoid

It is unwise to install used parts on any safety feature such as airbags, windshield wipers, seatbelts, or brake pads. Your safety and the safety of those in your car are always worth a little extra money. In addition, any mechanic or individual who suggests that you install used safety features should be red-flagged in your mind as unreliable. 

In conclusion, you do not need to pay whatever the first quote you get requests. By doing your own research and getting several opinions you can save thousands of dollars. 

Talk to an auto service shop for more information.

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