What Is Causing Oil To Leak Under Your Vehicle?

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Though oil leaks are not uncommon issues for vehicles, it is still important for the issue to be resolved quickly. If oil has suddenly appeared under your vehicle, this could be because of one or more of a few different reasons. What's important is that you get this issue pinpointed quickly and preferably before you try and drive the car again. Here are some of the reasons why there might be oil leaking under your car. 

Road Debris Impacted a Gasket or the Pan

Most car owners know that the oil pan is located under the engine, which is why you have to climb under the car when doing your own oil change. The problem with this location is that it's also easy for road debris to get kicked up into the air while you are driving and make an impact around this spot. If you recently were driving on a rough road or smashed through a pothole, it's possible that some debris has penetrated the pan or a gasket, and the oil is now dripping through the hole that was created.

You Overtightened Something

If this leak is occurring after you or someone else recently completed an oil change or changed the oil filter, there might be user error at play. Your oil pan gasket needs to be tightened well but not overly so. The same goes for the valve cover. If you got a little too enthusiastic about the tightening, you might have actually stripped a gasket or left the pressure in the pan uneven. The oil filter could also be loose and this will cause the oil to drip as it attempts to move through the filter.

You Have a Bad Seal

A bad ring or seal could also lead to an oil leak. The ring and valve seal do acquire some wear and tear over time, so it's important to have a professional look at these areas and know when to recommend a replacement part. A bad ring or seal won't necessarily cause the oil to come all the way out of the car and land on the ground, but this problem combined with a hole in your pan or gasket would do the trick.

If you have oil leaking from your car, it's probably best that you don't try to drive it. If you can't figure out what the problem is on your own, contact an auto repair shop to have your car towed in for a fix. Visit a site like http://www.autorepairhighdesert.com/ to learn more.

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