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If you turn on your car's air conditioning, that usually means it's hot and you want to cool the car. This is why it's so frustrating to turn it on and find that it doesn't properly cool your car like it's supposed to. If you have had this happen to you, then you want to take your car into an auto service repair shop and tell them what's going on. Here are some things you want to know about auto AC refrigerant charge services.

When your AC needs to be charged

It's simple to know when your car's AC needs to be charged. It is made obvious by the AC's inability to cool the car. However, the air conditioner will still come on, and you will still feel it blowing. At first, it may seem to still cool the car, but you might find yourself wondering if it's cooling as well as it used to. Then, it will become more and more obvious that the cool air it's blowing is turning into warmer and warmer air. It's best if you take your car in to have the air conditioning tended to as soon as you realize there's likely an issue. 

The warmer the air blows, the less refrigerant there is in the system. Most cars will shut down the AC system before the refrigerant gets too low to prevent the compressor from being damaged. However, you should stop using the AC until you have it looked at if you feel there is an issue, to lessen the chances of damage even more. 

Why the AC runs out of refrigerant

Your car will lose refrigerant when there is a leak. If the leak is very small, the AC may run for a short period of time, offering some cool air. Larger leaks can leave you turning on the AC that worked recently to find that the AC suddenly seems to barely work at all. No matter how small a leak is, the only way to preserve the car's air conditioning is to have the leak taken care of. 

What happens when you take the car in

When you take your car in for the AC, the technician will check for leaks. Once the leak is found, it will be taken care of and the system will be recharged, and this will put refrigerant back into it so it will keep the car cool once again.

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