Common Repairs Required On Semi Trucks That Can Be Done On The Road

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Breakdowns are more likely the more time you spend on the road, and semi-trucks are moving almost constantly and hauling a lot of weight. A breakdown with a semi-truck may require a 24-hour roadside semi-truck repair service to help get the truck going again, especially if the breakdown stops the truck from getting off the highway to a repair shop under its own power.

Tire Damage or Blowouts

One of the most common breakdowns that can happen with semi-trucks while on the road is a tire failure or blowout. The tires on the truck are so large that if one does fail, the driver can not just pull over and change the tire themselves. The truck is often not equipped with the right tools to do the job, and calling a 24-hour roadside semi-truck repair service may be the best option.

If the trailer has a spare tire with it and the trailer loaded, the total weight can be in excess of sixty to seventy thousand pounds with cargo and trailer or truck's weight. Jacking these massive vehicles up requires a large jack that runs on compressed air and can support the weight of the trailer and the cargo, or the track and trailer depending on which tire needs repair.

A 24-hour roadside semi-truck repair service can bring the equipment needed to the truck, along with a tire if the truck does not have a spare, and a qualified tech can then change the tire right where the truck is at. If the truck has several tires that are damaged at the same time, changing the tires on the roadside may be the only way to move the truck and towing a truck on flat tires could cause damage to the rims, the axles, and suspension on the truck.

Engine Repair

It is not nearly as common that a semi-truck has an engine problem on the side of the road, but it can happen. Many 24-hour mobile semi truck repair services have technicians that can work on the truck engine, and sometimes if the repair is simple, the tech can get the truck running so that the driver can take it to a service center for repairs.

Repairing the truck on the side of the road can save the driver an expensive towing bill, and if the truck is still under warranty, the driver may need to get the truck to a factory certified repair center to have the work done on it. The emergency repair by the mobile service tech can be the best way to resolve the issue to allow the driver to do that more easily.

For more information, contact a 24-hour roadside semi-truck repair service today.

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