Signs That Your AC Filter Is Broken Or Clogged

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If you have ever driven in a car with a broken air conditioner in the summer, you know that it can be beyond uncomfortable. Not only can an AC break by not churning out cold air, but it can also become less efficient over time. The AC in your car might be broken due to an old, broken, or faulty cabin filter.

Are you interested in fixing your broken car AC and think the filter might have something to do with it? These are a few reasons you should look into a repair today.

Your Car AC Impacts Your Mileage

Did you know that your vehicle's mileage can actually be impacted by a dirty air filter? That's right, the filter can decrease the efficiency of your fuel, leading you to spend a lot more money on gas than you want to. The engine will use more fuel because it has to work so much harder.

In many cases, you may see that your engine output is decreasing a lot because it has to work harder to keep your engine putting out the same effort. Changing your filter means that your AC requires less work and thus less engine work.

You May Notice Your Engine Making Strange Sounds

You may also notice that your car's engine is making unusual sounds. Instead of a hum, you might notice a lot of vibration or strange sputtering sounds. This can make for a rough idle on top of any air conditioning issues. The filter itself could be clogged, and all that hard work could lead to some frightening sounds as you drive.

You Can See the Filter Is Dirty

The air filter can be dirty, leading to a lot of concern if you pull it out and see how much matter has accumulated. You certainly don't want all of this getting into your cabin. This can lead to allergens and other materials that can make your drive uncomfortable.

Bring Your Car to a Professional

An auto professional is well-equipped to look at your cabin filter and make sure that you don't have a more serious issue with your AC. You are sure to have a more comfortable drive with your AC working. Call a pro today to set up an appointment for your car's air conditioning system to be fixed. The problems could boil down to the filters, something you can easily fix or replace with a professional's help. Contact a company like Modern Auto Air to learn more.

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