The Auto AC Repair And Care Guide To Keep You Cool In Hot Summer Traffic

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If you have gone through the summer with the AC in your car going out, it is time to have it repaired before the heat returns. Sometimes, the problem can easily be fixed, and your car will be nice and cool next time you are in traffic. The following auto AC repair guide will help you deal with these problems to ensure your car is cool in summer traffic:

  • Tightening up pulleys that cause compressor issues—The pulleys of auto AC systems can become loose, which leads to problems with how well the air conditioner works. The pulley and belt may need tightening when the AC is not cooling as it should. This is because when you turn the AC on, it engages a clutch to turn the compressor with engine RPMs. If the belt or pulley is loose, the compressor will not work efficiently and cool as much as it should.
  • Replacing worn bushings that cause the AC to make noise—There are moving parts of your auto AC that wear out due to use of the air conditioner and driving conditions. These parts include the clutches and bushings that wear. When these parts wear out, it can cause the AC compressor to make a lot of noise. Sometimes, you will hear the noises even when your car is not using the air conditioner.
  • Locating AC compressor leaks and recharging the system—Any type of air conditioning system can have refrigerant gas leaks, which can be a serious problem with your car. Therefore, you will want to have the compressor and lines checked for issues with refrigerant leaks. The auto AC of your car has lines, parts, and the compressor that can also become damaged and leak. Therefore, the AC needs to be checked for leaks before charging it to ensure it keeps you cool in summer traffic.
  • Repairing electrical issues and replacing blown AC fuses—Modern cars have a lot of electric components, and some of the wiring and fuses can affect your air conditioner. There may be some wires that need to be repaired and fuses that need to be replaced to get your auto AC working again. When your car does not have heating or AC, one of the first problems that you should check for is blown fuses.

These auto AC repairs will get the air conditioning working in your car again—so that you don't have to be sweating in traffic. Contact an auto AC repair service to fix your car's air conditioner before it gets hot again.

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