The Inspection, Repair, And Rebuild Steps For A 4X4 Transfer Case

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The transfer case is part of your vehicle's drive train and is responsible for switching power from two wheels to four wheels. Truck models that contain a 4x4 transfer case will require an operator to manually or automatically choose between both driving operations, allowing more power to be implemented during offroad excursions or while traveling across bumpy or steep terrain. If your truck's transfer case malfunctions, you may experience a grinding noise or notice fluid leaking from the case.

The Case Assessment And A Service Appointment

A damaged transfer case can be caused from a lack of fluid or worn parts. If you have noticed leakage on the pavement that rests under your vehicle when it is parked, jack up your vehicle and visually inspect the undercarriage. You will notice the transfer case next to the transmission or the transaxle assembly.

The four-wheel drive indicator light remaining on, even after switching back to two-wheel drive, is another sign that that the case needs to be repaired. Take your truck to an automotive shop and request that the transfer case is inspected.

A mechanic may take your vehicle for a test drive. This will allow them to experience firsthand what you have been dealing with. An inspection of the case itself will also be performed, to determine if the pulleys, belts, and gears are worn out or if a leak has resulted in fluid draining from the case.

The Repair Process

Cleaning the case and plugging a hole or a crack that is in the case may need to be performed, prior to adding fluid to it. If the case has internal components that are worn out, the pieces can be replaced during a rebuild session. With a case rebuild, only the parts that are malfunctioning will be switched out.

Automotive parts suppliers sell kits that are designed to repair the cases that are found in many different truck models. For a transfer case that is extensively damaged, you will need to have a new case installed. This type of job will be more costly than one that involves rebuilding the case, but you will be guaranteed to not incur additional issues when switching between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

An automotive technician will demonstrate some basic steps that you can complete on a routine basis, which will preserve the condition of the case and its internal components. You will need to make sure that the case cover remains intact and that you are using the proper steps to switch from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive.

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