Engine Using Too Much Oil? What You Can Do

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For some vehicles, especially as they age, they may use too much oil. Excess oil consumption means you need to change how often you check your oil and makes you need to be more responsible for your car. You can't simply rely on the low oil light, or wait until it's too late, as you'll end up with an engine issue in no time and it can become costly. If your engine is using too much oil, read on for a few things you may be able to do.

1. Use An Additive

Adding an additive to your oil will help to coat the moving parts in your engine and prevent them from wear. If you are having an issue with oil consumption and you have run your car out of oil, you may have already done some damage to your car's engine and may need this additive to improve the function of your vehicle. It can also help prevent your engine from seizing up while driving or prevent other types of issues.

2. Check Your Oil More Often

Checking your oil more often is going to be necessary. You should also always have a quart or two of oil and a funnel in your vehicle at all times to add oil whenever necessary. Set a reminder on your phone every couple of weeks, every month, or every other month, depending on how much you drive, so you remember to check your oil. You may not make it to 3,000 miles or whenever you get your oil changed, or you may be losing a quart of oil every 1,000 miles, so it's important to check your oil often.

3. Have Your Motor Replaced

If your engine is using too much oil, your engine may need to be replaced. If it is not, then your engine may need to be rebuilt. Either way, this can be a very costly repair, but it is still less than the cost of a new vehicle. If your car is not that old, or you can't afford a new car, an engine replacement may be the right choice for you. You should be sure to use a professional auto repair shop to do this type of repair as it is not something you should do on your own.

If your engine is using too much oil, it's a major issue that can be detrimental to your engine. If you aren't checking your oil often enough, you could damage the engine beyond repair. Have your car inspected at an auto repair shop and repaired as necessary using the repair shop to keep your car on the road. Contact an auto repair company for more information. 

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