How Changing the Oil in Your Car Can Protect the Engine

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Changing the oil in your car is probably one of your vehicle's most crucial service items, yet engine oil change services are one of the most commonly neglected services for most cars. An oil change done regularly can extend the engine's life and protect it from severe damage while you are driving.

The Purpose Of Engine Oil

The engine oil in your car or truck has a couple of challenging jobs that are easier when the oil is clean after an oil change. The first of those jobs is to reduce the friction inside the engine where moving parts contact each other. Even the bearings used inside your car's engine are made from metal, so without the oil, they will eventually fail. 

Reducing friction also performs another critical task; reducing heat within the engine. The friction produces heat, so if the oil is clean and fresh, it can absorb heat and provide the lubrication the engine needs. As the engine oil gets old, the viscosity breaks down, and the oil is not able to reduce the friction as efficiently, allowing heat to increase and compound the problem. 

Lifespan Of Engine Oil

Many factors can affect the lifespan of the oil in your engine, but the average duration between each oil change is about three thousand miles for standard oil. There are some ways to extend that, and checking it regularly can help you determine the condition of the oil between each oil change. Changing the oil filter and the oil at the same time is essential because it will keep the oil clean and help extend its life. The right filter for the oil you are using is important, so if you are not sure which one you need, talk to an employee at your local parts store, and they can help you select the right oil and filter for your car or truck.

Benefits Of Synthetic Oils

One option you may want to consider when you do your next oil change is switching to synthetic oil. The lifespan of synthetic oils is longer than standard oil, and it is engineered to resist thermal breakdown in the engine and retain the viscosity that is protecting the parts in the engine. Often, the lifespan of synthetic oil can be seven thousand miles when you use the right product and the right filter to go with it. The oil and filter cost is a little higher, but given the lifespan increase and not having to have the car serviced as often, you may find that you are saving morning in the long run. 

For more information, contact local auto services. 

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