Identifying And Dealing With Suspension System Problems In Your Car Or Truck

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The suspension system in your vehicle plays a significant role in the handling and ride quality you experience in your vehicle. Sometimes a seemingly small item in the suspension can make a huge difference in the car, so finding and resolving problems is critical.

Handling Issues

The front suspension of your vehicle contains parts that affect the steering and alignment of the front end, and one of the most telling signs of a problem is a car that is wandering or pulling when you are driving on a flat, smooth road. Several parts in the front suspension can cause the vehicle to wander, and a failure of any of them could cause an accident or make that car nearly impossible to control.

The ball joints, tie rod ends, and steering links are all part of that system and will wear over time. Taking the car to a repair shop for suspension repair or inspection is critical if the vehicle suddenly feels different when driving or starts to wander. 

Typically, suspension repair requires some unique tools and equipment, so it is a good idea to have a professional do the work for you. It is also essential that a front-end alignment is done after the parts are installed to ensure that the car will handle properly and track true on the road.

Noisy Suspension

Whenever you notice a strange sound coming from your car, you need to investigate the situation and see what is causing it. If the noise is coming from the suspension system, several things could be wrong, and it is a good idea to take the car to a shop for suspension repair.

If you notice the sound when you hit a bump in the road or turning the wheels one way or another causes it, you may have something loose under the car that needs immediate attention. Shocks and springs often rattle and bang when the bushings in the mounts deteriorate, and if they are not fixed, the stress on the mount can cause it to crack and fail. 

Shocks that are not working properly will also allow the car to rebound more over bumps and make the vehicle harder to handle. Replacing the shocks is not difficult, and a shop that does suspension repair regularly will probably have them in stock for most cars. 

While some people choose to change the shocks themselves, cars with coil springs on them require some specific tools to get to the shocks, and if you don't handle the springs properly, it can be a dangerous job. Unless you have the training and tools to do the work, it is often best to let a professional handle your suspension repair needs.

To learn more, contact a suspension repair service in your area.

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