3 Brake Concerns You Should Notice

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The brakes on your car are necessary, so when you begin to notice issues, you should never ignore them. You have no idea how long your brakes are going to last in their condition, they may work for a little while, but why chance it? If your brakes aren't in good condition, it could mean the difference in how quickly your vehicle can stop. If someone happens to stop quickly in front of you, or you have to slam on the brakes for some reason or another, your car could take a lot longer to stop depending on the condition of your brakes. This means you could end up in an accident if your brakes aren't in good enough shape.

Read on for a few brake concerns that you need to pay attention to.

1. Squealing

A squealing noise coming from your brakes as you attempt to stop or whenever you press on the brake pedal can be a cause of concern. This is usually the first sign that you have a brake issue and your brakes need your attention. Once your brakes begin to squeal, you only have a little longer before the brake pads are worn down so much that your rotors are going to begin to wear as well. If your brakes are beginning to squeal, take your vehicle in to be serviced and to have the brake pads changed.

2. Burning Smells

If you smell burning smells coming from your brakes, it may be because the brake pads are so badly worn that you are attempting to brake with metal on metal, and that burning smell is the hot metal. If you see that your brakes appear bright red, or they look like they are burning, or you smell a burning odor, you need to have your brakes inspected and changed as needed. 

3. Loud Noises When Turning

When you brake to turn and you feel a clunking, or you hear loud noises as you turn your vehicle, it may be due to your brakes being so badly worn down. You are more than likely grinding against the rotors and it's causing this concern. You may feel it more when turning because of the way your rotors are worn.

If you notice these issues with your brakes, you need to have them looked at by an auto brake service. Don't continue to drive your vehicle like this; you and anyone else on the road could be in danger.

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