The Auto Repair Guide To Dashboard Lights And When To Have Repairs Done

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When you have problems with your car, there are lights that warn you. People often ignore their car's dashboard lights, but you should be aware of what they mean. Usually, the warning lights will help you prevent problems from getting worse if you have repairs done quickly. The following auto warning light guide will help you identify the problems:

Problems With Airbags and Safety Equipment

The airbag lights are some of the most common auto warning light problems. The airbag dashboard light could be on due to a variety of different issues, including:

  • Issues with airbag systems
  • Safety restraint problems
  • Issues with other safety systems

The airbag lights are often just a notification system to have you do maintenance when your car reaches a certain amount of miles.

Brake Warning Lights and Problems That Need Repairs

Your brake warning lights may come on for a variety of reasons. The brake warning light is often due to maintenance, but it can be on because of other causes, including:

  • Worn brake pads causing damage to disks
  • Issues with brake fluid and the lines
  • Problems with the calipers and master cylinder

The brake lights may come on when there are repairs that need to be done but may not always work when maintenance is needed. Therefore, you want to make sure you have the regular brake jobs done that your car needs.

Transmission Problems With Warning Lights

You may also have problems with the transmission that need to be repaired. The transmission light often comes on due to issues that include:

  • Leaks and low transmission fluid due to blown seals
  • Problems with transmission gears wearing out
  • Issues with the clutch or transmission linkage system

The transmission problems can be accompanied by other signs like noises, but may only be the warning light. Therefore, you want to have your transmission checked out any time a warning light comes on.

Check Engine Lights That Could Be Various Problems

The check engine lights are often ignored, which can lead to serious damage to your car. Therefore, you want to be aware of the problems that the check engine light in your car may be signaling. The problems with check engine lights can include:

  • Low oil levels and leaks causing problems
  • Issues with fuel injection systems causing performance problems
  • Problems with the spark plugs and engine timing

The problems with check engine lights are often signs of small problems, but they could be more serious. Therefore, you will want to have diagnostics testing done whenever your check engine light comes on.

The warning lights may be due to a serious issue, or they could be just telling you that it is time for maintenance. Visit an auto repair service to have the diagnostics and repairs done to turn the warning lights off. They can provide more information regarding these issues, such as check engine light repair suggestions. 

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