Finding a Repair Shop for Your European Vehicle

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Driving a car that was made in Europe and was then imported is not uncommon. Many people prefer these cars, but when it comes time for service and repairs, it is time to find a European car repair service to work on your vehicle. read on to learn more. 

Finding a Repair Shop

Not every repair shop of right for your car, but there are some shops that can handle your European car repair needs without having to take the vehicle to a dealership for simple repairs and service. Many shops that work on European cars advertise this and may have a website that details the type of cars they are set up to work on. 

The equipment for a European car repair can be slightly different from American-made cars. Still, the parts are typically available in the US, making it easier for small shops to work on more vehicles. The difference is that a European car repair shop often has technicians that are factory trained to work on specific car makes and can handle warranty work if you need it. 

If there is a shop you have used in the past for American-made cars, you might want to check with them to see if they can handle the repair and service work for your new European car as well. 

Dealership Service Departments

If you can not find a European car repair shop in your area, you may need to take your car to the service department at the local dealership for your vehicle. Not every manufacturer in Europe imports cars to the US, so you may have to find a dealer for another brand that can work on the vehicle you imported. 

Often, the dealer can work with the manufacturer for your car to get approval for warranty work and handle the repair work because they have the right equipment and techs familiar with the brand. Keep in mind, not all the work you need for your car needs approval, and some things can be done anywhere, but if the work is specialized or the parts required are hard to get, you may not have too many repair options.

Basic Service

Things like oil changes and tire replacements are often not things that require special equipment, but they may mean finding the right parts for the car. Most auto parts suppliers can get parts for the shop doing your European car repair, but if you want OE parts, they may need to source them from the dealership or order them from the manufacturer. 

If you are using a local garage for your service work, they may be able to source the parts and keep them on hand for your service visits, but repairs may mean waiting for parts that are not generally on hand. 

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