Heading Out In A New-To-You RV? 3 Reasons To Start With A Visit To Your Local RV Repair Service

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If you have just purchased a gently used, pre-owned recreational vehicle, congratulations. Instead of paying top dollar for the latest model, you took advantage of depreciation to purchase a perfectly good used model at a much more reasonable cost. You may even have reaped the benefits of any aftermarket upgrades the previous owners installed. 

Your purchase also allows your family to enjoy more comfort, convenience, and flexibility while vacationing than they would if they were traveling by plane or car. But those who are new to owning an RV should understand that it is common to drive for hours in rural areas with little or no access to qualified repair technicians or even a friendly full-service gas station. 

Battery and electrical system

No driver enjoys the feeling they get when they turn the key and nothing happens. Scheduling an appointment to have the battery tested and the electrical system checked at a reputable recreational vehicle service center before heading out on your first trip is the best way to ensure that your RV will start reliably and that the entire electrical system is functional. RV owners who use their vehicle less frequently should also schedule an annual service appointment, perhaps before the first trip each year. Those who plan to live in their RV or travel more extensively may be better off to base their service schedule on the number of miles driven, rather than a specific number of months.

Brakes and suspension

Knowing that your recreational vehicle steers and stops safely is a critical part of an enjoyable recreational vehicle experience. Since even the most well-maintained, pre-owned RV can have worn brake pads, calipers, or suspension components, taking the vehicle to an RV repair center for a checkup will help to ensure that the first trip out will be both safe and enjoyable. When having the brakes and suspension examined, first-time RV owners should also ask the technician to help them understand the signs of developing repair issues that could make the brakes or suspension system unsafe to drive. 

Tires and fuel system

If your pre-owned RV was stored for more than a few months or is several years old, having the tires and fuel system inspected is wise. Even when stored, tires can soften or crack with age, making them more prone to going flat or blowing out while driving. The fuel system of an idled RV can also be prone to damage from old fuel or issues with fuel pumps and supply lines. RV service technicians can inspect the tires and fuel system and help owners resolve any problems that could negatively affect the quality of their RV-ing experience. 

To learn more or to get help, contact a local RV service.

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