Tips When Gathering Estimates From Auto Body Repair Shops

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A standard practice when having damage fixed by an auto body repair shop is to gather quotes from multiple shops in your area. Then you can make meaningful comparisons. If you take these steps, this quote-retrieval process for auto body damage won't be difficult.

Compare Quotes for Common Damage Online

Most auto body repair shops have pricing information online regarding common types of damage. For example, you should be able to easily find repair costs for things like cracked windshields, paint scratches, and major dents. 

You should be able to sidestep a lot of steps when your auto body damage is pretty common. Whereas if you have a more unique problem with your vehicle's body, you may have to be a little more in-depth with the research and actions you take when getting together quotes from different shops.

Send in Videos Showing Damage 

A lot of people will send auto body repair shops pictures of portions of their vehicle that need repairs. You want to do this as well, but also capture videos of the damaged areas. Then you can be sure all relevant aspects of the body damage are shown to different repair shops you're getting quotes from.

There won't be bad angles or bad lighting that prevents auto body repair experts from giving you a detailed assessment of the damage and repair process. Videos will show them everything, and then you'll have an easier time with getting repair estimates based on the condition of your vehicle. 

Provide Additional Information on Vehicle if Necessary

There will be some auto body repair shops that need a little more information from you after speaking with you initially. If that's the case, be ready to fill in the gaps that remain. Then you can look forward to quotes that are similar to what you'll actually end up paying.

They might need more information about the overall condition of your vehicle, such as the condition of the paint or how long the auto body damage has been present. Tell them this information as best you can so that you end up with quotes you can compare a lot more effectively.

Auto body repair shops can do a lot of things to restore damaged vehicles. You just need to do certain things when gathering quotes as the client because then you'll have enough pricing and repair information to make a decision on where to take your vehicle. 

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