3 Signs Your Brakes Aren't Functioning Properly

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The brakes on your vehicle are an intricate part of the driving process. You need your brakes to help you stop. When you need to stop immediately, you want your brakes to work properly and be able to stop in time to avoid an accident that can cause injury to yourself or others. If you have issues with your brakes, you need to have your brakes repaired to prevent something from happening. Read on for signs that your brakes are not functioning properly.

1. Squealing Or Grinding Noises

If you are hearing squealing noises or you hear grinding noises coming from your brakes when you stop or when you slow your vehicle down, it may be an issue with your brakes that you need to have inspected and repaired as necessary. Grinding noises may indicate that your rotors have worn out, as your brakes have completely worn down. The squealing noises may be a sign that your brake pads have worn through. If you are hearing any type of noise coming from your brakes, you need to have them repaired.

2. Longer Stopping Time

If you are experiencing a longer time when trying to stop your vehicle, it may be because your brakes are not in good shape, and you should have them looked at. Your brakes should be helping to stop your vehicle quickly and in a timely manner as needed, so if your vehicle isn't stopping, you are going to need to have your brakes inspected and the brake pads replaced as needed.

3. Cannot Stop At All

If you aren't able to stop your vehicle at all and are relying on your emergency brake in order to get your vehicle to stop, you need to stop driving your vehicle right away and get it to an auto repair shop immediately to be repaired. It is not safe to drive your vehicle in this way, and you need to have it repaired before you end up in a major accident that can cause injury or even death to those in your vehicle or to others.

If you have noticed signs of brake issues in your vehicle, you need to have it repaired right away in order to ensure your vehicle is working as it should and can stop as needed when necessary. Driving your vehicle unsafe puts others on the road in danger and could land you in a hospital bed or worse. Take your vehicle in for repairs to have the brakes repaired.

Reach out to a car repair shop for more information.

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