Why Would You Get A Duplicate Car Title And How Do You Do It?

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If you want to buy or sell a car or transfer a title to another person without selling a car, you have to have the title. Sometimes you don't have the original title you got with your vehicle, and other times you have a title but you need to get a duplicate because the original is damaged. Why would you get a duplicate title and how do you achieve this? Explore both in this post. 

Why would you get a car duplicate title?

Are you wanting to sell your car? Are you transferring the vehicle to another party in a trade or via other means? Have you lost your car title and want to get another one for peace of mind and to add to your records? If you have a need for wanting to prove you are the owner of your vehicle, you must have a car title. Simply insuring the vehicle or having a bill of sale won't be the final proof you need of vehicle ownership, and you want to make sure you can solely prove ownership of your car in the event that you have a legal issue, want to sell the vehicle, or are wanting to transfer the title.

How do you get a car duplicate title?

In order to get a car duplicate title, you need to visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Don't hesitate to get your auto duplicate title right away. You may have to wait a while to get your new title sent to you and if you cannot get one printed on-site and need a title to move forward with your vehicle needs, you may have an issue in selling a car or doing other things.

Gather your information, such as your vehicle registration, personal identification, and other identifying information. Take this info to your DMV and fill out a form or application to get a car duplicate title. If you do not know what form to fill out, ask your DMV associate and they can walk you through the process. In many cases, the new car title will be sent to the address on file for your vehicle's registration.

You can get a car duplicate title, so if you need one, get one right away. There may be a fee associated with this process as well. Your new title will be sent to you in a short time and allow you to legally prove ownership and rights to your vehicle.

Contact a local auto service to learn more about car duplicate titles.

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