Signs That Your Vehicle Probably Needs Transmission Work

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You probably don't think much about your vehicle's transmission, as you can expect it to last many miles. It is possible for transmission fluid to leak from your vehicle, which can cause problems with how the transmission functions. You may have a transmission that is faulty, and it will need to be replaced. If your vehicle is struggling to change gears, or you notice that your vehicle won't get up to speed on the highway, it's time to have your transmission inspected to see what is going on. When you drive around with a transmission issue, you can end up with your vehicle completely shutting down on the road.

You Find a Fluid Leak

It is important to know that transmission fluid is a light red or pink color, and a fluid leak that is pink or red is suspected to be transmission fluid. This can happen because of a loose gasket, or from a small hole in your transmission because of corrosion. Bring your vehicle to an auto transmission shop if you find transmission fluid on the ground.

Your Transmission Light Goes On

If your transmission warning light goes on, this is an obvious sign that something is wrong with your transmission. You should not drive the vehicle, as you may cause additional harm to your transmission by driving. 

You Have a Delayed Engagement When Shifting

When you put the vehicle into drive or reverse, you might notice a slight delay before the vehicle starts to move. If this occurs, this means something is going on with your transmission. The delay can be minimal, or it can be obvious, depending on what is happening with your transmission.

You Can't Get Up to Speed

The transmission is responsible for shifting the gears in your vehicle. If you struggle to get your vehicle up to the right speed, the transmission may not be working properly. Your exhaust system plays a role in acceleration too, and a hole in your exhaust system can cause a similar problem to occur.

Your transmission may need work if you struggle to change gears, or if your vehicle is driving roughly while on the road. If you notice problems with delayed engagement, or you find fluid on the ground, it's important to have your vehicle assessed right away by an auto transmission shop. Never ignore the dashboard warning light, as you could cause additional harm to your transmission.

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