Creative Ways To Get Your Old Car Out Of The Driveway

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When you have a vehicle you no longer use or is no longer running, it can be difficult to dispose of. Junk car removal can be challenging, and finding someone who will pay cash for junk cars can sometimes be frustrating. There are some options to consider, and some of them may even put some money in your pocket.

Salvage Yards

One of the first places to check if you need a car hauled away is the local salvage yard. Some junk yards still pay cash for junk cars, and many offer free junk car removal but don't pay you for the vehicle.

If the salvage operation is buying cars, the price they offer you will probably not be very high, but you may get a couple of hundred dollars if the vehicle has a good engine, transmission, or a lot of parts that they can sell. The age of the vehicle can have an impact on the price, and older cars with common pieces that are not in demand will typically not bring the yard operator much profit. They may take the vehicle to crush it and sell it for scrap, but they may not want to pay much, if anything, for it. 

Charitable Donations

Donating an old car to charity is another way to get it out of the yard, and often there is a way to make a little money at the same time. While most charities that take cars are offering you free junk car removal, they also will give you a receipt for the donation that you can use when you file your income tax. 

Most charities have a set amount for the donation, but a few hundred dollars you can write off could bump up the refund at the end of the year, and you get the car hauled away. The charity taking the car will often have a local scrap yard or salvage operator that can come and get the vehicle and sell it for them, so you will need to talk to them about setting up a time to pick up the vehicle or leave the keys and the car where the driver can pick it up.

Car Buyers

Some car buyers will pay cash for junk cars because they are looking for parts for projects they are fixing to resell. If your vehicle is in good shape but needs an engine or a transmission, they may want to fix it and may pay more for it than others would. 

However, if you sell the car to someone to repair, you will need the title and other paperwork. When selling a car for scrap none of that is necessary because the vehicle is broken into parts before it is sold. 

For more info about cash for junk cars, contact a local company. 

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